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Pricing / Payments
All prices are in euro and are inclusive of all local taxes. There is no provision for part-rentals and therefore no discounts and/or refunds will be made for cars returned prior to the completion of the rental contract. The total price must be paid in full before the car is released. You can pay either by debit/credit card or cash.

Online Bookings
pre-pay online: when you choose to pre-pay online for your booking and take advantage of our online discount, we will charge your card for the full (discounted) amount in advance as soon as your booking is sumbitted and verified. Note that pre-pay bookings are final and non-refundable as they are discounted offerings.

pay at station: when you choose to pay on arrival for your booking, at the booking stage we will only verify your card details and reserve your car. Your card will not be charged at the booking stage. For all pay at station bookings we allow amendments or cancellation free of charge, but please make sure you contact us at least 24 hours in before the booked pick-up time as there will be a no-show fee equivalent to one day’s rate of the booking if you fail to do so.

All our prices include comprehensive cover, although excess does apply. The amount of excess depends on the car type. You need a credit card in order to enable us to pre-authorise a security deposit. Your card is not charged as long as you return the car undamaged. The deposit will be returned to you in full when you return the car, as long as you return the car undamaged.

Normal wear and tear is acceptable; however, damage due to careless driving and/or ignorance is not covered. For example, filling the car with the wrong type of fuel and as a result damaging the engine is not acceptable.

The hirer agrees at all times to keep and drive the car with every proper care and attention and to return the car in the same good working condition as they collected the car. We reserve the right to cancel the hire contract and claim possession of the car at any time, if in our absolute discretion we consider that it is not handled in the proper way.

The vehicle will not be driven or operated by any person who suffers from any physical infirmity or defective vision or hearing, and the vehicle will not be used:

Traffic Fines & Offenses

All customers are liable for all fines and court costs for traffic fines and offenses.

Rental Duration
The minimum duration of a rental contract must be two (2) days.

Late Returns
In case you return the car late, without first contacting us to arrange and agree a late return (we allow for reasonable delays), you will be charged for an additional day at your contract’s daily rate for every 8 hours window delay.

An unlimited kilometer policy applies for all cars. You only pay for fuel.

Driving Licence
A valid driving licence must be produced at the time of hire, along with an additional proof of identity such as a passport or ID card. No refund will be given in case you fail produce a valid driving license that permits your to drive the car booked and provide an additional proof of your identity. An age restriction applies in Cyprus for drivers under 25 or over 65 years of age.

For drivers between 25 and 65 years of age, a valid driving license that entitles you to drive the booked car is required.

For drivers under 25 or over 65 years of age, the driver must hold a valid driving license for at least 3 years that entitles them to drive the car booked. Minimum age allowed is 21.

Additional Drivers
Up to two (2) additional drivers may be added to the rental contract provided that the additional named driver(s) meets the Driving License criteria and signs the rental contract. The hirer agrees not to permit any other person to drive, unless the person is a named Additional Driver on the rental contract.

Fuel Policy
Collect the car with a full tank of petrol and return it with any amount of petrol (remaining fuel is non-refundable). You pay the fuel upfront when you collect the car.

Extensions Policy
You can arrange for your rental contract to be extended at any time by contacting us at least 24 hours before your rental contract is due to end. In case of an extension a new contract is issued and we charge your card with the agreed price of the extension. For cash contracts, you will need to visit our office and pay the extension before the new contract is issued. Failing to do so, a late return penalty may apply.